Upsides and Downsides of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing was the hype since 2008 (and earlier). Over the years, it has slowly emerge as a mature technology. Having experienced different cloud solutions available online, the most mature technology has to be Amazon Web Services.

We have been using Amazon Web Services’ EC2 in particular. The prices in general is slightly higher than competitor (in terms of computational power vs price point). Prices has since dropped, considering the technology improvement over the years, the service has thus far deemed reasonable.

Rackspace is good as well.

Pros of cloud computing includes:
- Cheap (if you know what you are doing)
- Hassle free (again, if you know what you are doing)

- Expensive (if you don’t know what you are doing)
- Troublesome (if you don’t understand cloud computing)

Conclusion? An ordinary knife in the hand of a skilled chef, delivers wonderful sushi. In the hand of a carpenter, a wonderful wooden toy car. In the hand of a wildlife hunter, a great survivor tool.

Imagine asking a carpenter to deliver sushi, a chef to survive in the wild and a hunter to produce a toy car…

Cloud technologies, depending on the proficiency and experience of the deliverer can produce amazing results in the hands of a skilled technician.


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