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Features provided by BCZ.com include:

• Business centric social networking with interest and preferences matching.
• Real-time search for deals, trends and happenings.
• Email newsletter marketing and advertising.
• Website / profile blog creation tools with built-in SEO
• Social media platform integration and broadcasting.
• Classified advertisement features.
• Business information knowledgebase.
With new features and updates added monthly.

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BCZ.com, aims to help users do more, get more, save more and work less. A multi-purpose social network, business-centric platform that connects business owners, consumers, job seekers, bloggers, trend setters to each other and to daily informational needs. It provides a suite of features and services online on a centralized platform that aims at helping users better manage their online business needs, reduces the time spend on finding and researching for deals, increase customer outreach and products adoption for improvements in overall efficiency in daily business operations and productivity.

Users will find many features on BCZ.com convenient and easy to use. It takes just minutes to launch your own e-commerce site and accept credit cards to buy and sell products or services online. Articles posted are readily submitted to major search engines and automatically broadcast to social network channels such as Twitter and Facebook to facilitate online advertising and marketing.

BCZ.com comes ready with email newsletters marketing and management with readily available templates to choose from. Users can quickly do bulk email newsletters to their list of potential clients easily from within their control panel.

With new deals sites popping up, spam is becoming more time consuming. BCZ.com provides powerful real-time search to help consumers to find targeted and relevant deals on popular sites with personalized product and service interests. This helps users save time finding the products they want and also helps filter out the unwanted deals with inbuilt artificial intelligence features. Job seekers can post their resumes and showcase their portfolios online in different media format using free online storage onsite.

BCZ.com provides seamless connectivity among users to facilitate a living business network. Easily find similar and recommended users with industries and interests relevant to you. Similarly, bloggers and trend setters will be able to connect and communicate to their targeted groups faster and easier. BCZ.com provides users with feature to create their own website or profile blog from readily available templates with build-in widgets and allow other users to subscribe to their site too. With constant innovation and updates, we continually include new features on site monthly such that users can do more, get more, save more and work less.


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